Research & Development

For more than 15 years, semia develops its own range of products for the vibratory measurement on aircraft.
Its R&D department is composed of 6 engineers today covering all the technical domains included in any project development (Electronics Soft/Hardware, Computing, Mechanical Conception Design and Integration).

Semia study’s offers could be adapted to your need far away its original speciality. For example, a range of mobile energy storage (with own designed battery management system) was created in 2011.

Electronic Hardware Development

Analog & Numeric PCB design

With technical specifications wrote from customer or internal needs, electronic hardware team defines and designs functional schemes and architectures which permits to conceive physical schemes for PCBs. This team designs functions routing for PCB and concludes with cabling of prototype PCB.

Components like FPGA and DSP are also programmed by semia engineers to have total design control.

Software Development

In relation with electronic hardware team, software team designs softwares would allow data management and good presentation for users.
Our software engineers know the main languages (C, C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, Delphi, QT, etc…) for embedded softwares (data acquisition) and post-treatment softwares.

These softwares give a high level for data acquisition / recording and for backup on ground station. Special preoccupation is given to simple data understanding on screens for best user’s efficiency.

Mechanical Integration

To have a full control on design process, semia has its own mechanics department to create quickly some cases, brackets, frames, specific cases, etc… adapted to customer use and in accordance with physical (crash, vibration tests) & environmental (waterproof, saline environment) rules.

Thanks to CAD software (SolidWorks) and CADCAM equipment (3D numerical milling machine for prototype manufacturing), mechanical department is ready to answer any internal project mechanical specification or any specific need from external customer.

Semia R&D team has all skills and tools to perform full project (electronic – software – mechanic) by keeping control over all steps and proposing fast reactions regarding any change.