HELIVIB – On-Board version of semia skills – Engine Vibration Control & Rotor Track and Balance

The Supplement Type Certificate of semia’s on-board system Helivib has been validated by EASA in April 2016 for AS350 family.

Helivib is designed to work without any human action during all operational flights. The maintenance team will only be focused on results review after each flight.

Helivib gives a complete feedback on aircraft vibratory health in 5 steps:

1 – During each start-up, the equipment performs automatically a complete engine vibration check (on generator and free turbine, on 1 to 3 channels)
2 – At nominal rotor speed, during ground and hover conditions, Helivib turns automatically to RTB mode and measures vibrations on rotors (3 channels, tail rotor during ground condition only)
3 – During the flight, the equipment is able to recognize any sequence looking as flight conditions defined by the manufacturer for Rotor Track and Balance settings.
4 – Back to the ground, when the helicopter power-supply has been turned off, Helivib send the measured datas by GPRS transmission without human ressource.
5 – Finally, the maintenance technician performs a latest datas review on a specific semia software to determine the vibration status of the helicopter: able or not able to flight more without vibration setting or mechanical investigation.