Absorber Tuning Unit

ABSORBER TUNING UNIT – for cabin absorbers setting

Semia is proud to propose this new equipment as an option for Syntham 5000 or for autonomous usage.

The Absorber Tuning Unit is dedicated to helicopters with cabin settable anti-vibrators (ex: AS350/H125, EC120 and EC130B4 families from Airbus Helicopters).

Without any consumption of fuel or technical flight, this unit generates a specific vibration through its power channel (amplifier and shaker) and measures vibrations on 2 accelerometers channels (one on a structure, one on a settable mass) in order to give a solution to set the answer of the cabin to the minimum.

Absorber Tuning Unit has been validated by Airbus Helicopters (for AS350/H125 family) and owns a AH Part Number ref. ATV-2000 (1913350).