TRACKLIGHT – Brand new strobe !

The TrackLight is a strobe used to visualize the heights of the ends of the helicopter blades for Track adjustment.

It is the latest addition to Semia’s product range and it has been developed to meet the needs and usage habits of our customers.

Thanks to its rotary push-knob and its OLED screen, navigation between the different menus is very simple and intuitive.

It is possible to access the following menus:

– Home screen on which the measurement of the top synchronization speed is displayed
– Adjustment of the number of blades (from 1 to 9)
– Adjustment of the spread of displayed targets (to facilitate their viewing)
– Adjustment of the aiming azimuth (in order to be able to visualize the targets according to a precise azimuth)

This equipment can be used alone (connected to the optical or magnetic pick-up) or with a vibration analyzer such as the Syntham 5000. It represents an excellent alternative (or a useful complement) to the optical camera supplied with the Syntham 5000 depending on users work habits.