Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul

The Semia provides repair of its own equipment and distributed equipment, because of its technicians, and in the best time to ensure its customers the best availability of their equipment.

The Semia has the technical means to ensure the maintenance and repair of its equipment and those from other companies (sensors, cables …), and to guarantee to its customers an operational level. These tasks are also carried out by technicians, experts in this field.


SEMIA uses its expertise in the field of measurement and vibration analysis to provide you with a verification and calibration service for vibration intensity meters and related sensors.

Support / Training

The Semia offers a hotline to its customers, in order to meet their expectations in real time and advise them in their efforts. It ensures the maintenance and the provision of technical documentation.

The Semia also offers training to its customers in order to teach them how to use the products and all their characteristics. These courses are essential, and are carried out by experts in this field.


Through its experience, the Semia has surrounded itself with competent carriers, allowing it to provide its customers with fast deliveries worldwide.