Syntham 5000

SYNTHAM 5000 – All in One GSE !

Syntham 5000 is designed to give a modular and complete solution to any customer performing vibration check on aircraft.

It allows to:

– Perform Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) on helicopter or fixed wing aircraft propeller
– Perform Engine Vibration Control (EVC) on helicopter turbines (in global and/or filtered measurements)
– Control any other vibration thanks to other functions regarding manufacturer’s procedures

The customer can choose all or any part of the Syntham 5000 functions inside the 2 main categories : Airframe and/or Engine.

With its modular capabilities, the Syntham 5000 is also able to be adapted to the technical context of the customer and its equipment level. The Syntham 5000 is compatible with all sensors and cables already owned by the customer with other equipment.

Its User Interface with French/English languages and its touchscreen give an intuitive and simple use of the Syntham 5000 without any laptop or external card reader.

All data and parameters are saved on internal flash memory. The export of measurements and the upgrade of system datas are performed by USB key.