With near Savignac in Trouville sur mer, the Semia could find its logo appearing in the catalog raisonné of the artist alongside Air France, Dassault, Latécoère, the Air Force and the Paris Air Show .

Also thanks to the chance of exposure to Dourdan where an officer of the Semia has acquired one of the first paintings of Nicolas VIAL, it accepted for nearly two years to draw the card of which the latter s Semia pride.

To complete the happy choice BLACHON former international junior rugby and rugby PUC President, gave free rein to his imagination on the theme of the helicopter.

Then opportunities for chance encounters, the Semia gave carte blanche GAVARINO and BRIDENNE who responded with talent in this property.

Chance encounters with Tristan Leroy, curator of the Museum of the helicopter in Dax, led Semia to finance the publication of the book he had written about this museum

For these choices of friendship and loyalty, Semia wanted to show his desire to honor the values of sport at the service of the helicopter.


Raymond Savignac, commonly said Savignac, born November 6, 1907 in Paris and died October 31, 2002 Trouville-sur-Mer, is a French poster.


Roger Blachon (born June 30, 1941 in Romans, Drome, and died April 2, 2008 in Marseille) is a French designer.


Nicolas Vial, born May 6, 1955 in Paris, is a French newspaper illustrator and painter.


Gavarino is a cartoonist illustrator born in Toulouse in 1971. On the occasion of the exhibition of Bourget 2009 is out the book « Helicopters ». SEMIA Editions


Born in 1946, Old friend of Roger BLACHON, Michel BRIDENNE expresses here its moved, collusive and affectionate sense of humor.