Syntham5000: ARRIEL 2C validation

The 4th of March, SEMIA, with TURBOMECA technical staff, validated its Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for Engine Vibration Control and Rotor Track and Balance functions, the Syntham5000, on a new TURBOMECA engine: ARRIEL 2C.

ARRIEL 2C, which equipped AS365 N3 et N3+, adds to the following engines families ARRIEL 1B / 1D / 1D1, ARRIEL 2B / 2B1, ARRIUS 1 (all versions), ARRIUS 2B1 / 2B2 and TURMO IIIC4 / IVC, already validated on the Syntham5000.

Others validations are in process to continue improvement of Syntham5000 scope.

2016 03 07 QC_S5000_ARRIEL 2C